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Before & After

Foundation Repair Before & After Photos

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Failing foundation in Burke, VA

Customer recently got a new addition put onto the home in Burke, VA . Homeowner began to notice that the floors were uneven and windows were sticking. Upon the inspection of our technical advisors it was determined that the addition needed more support. We installed a new support beam and several push piers in order for the property to remain in tact and structurally sound. 

Foundation repair and Waterproofing Alexandria, VA

When this Alexandria, VA homeowner observed their older home's foundation walls beginning to crack and bow, accompanied by water intrusion, they reached out to us, deeply concerned. The before photo clearly illustrates the intimidating condition of the foundation walls. However, transforming worry into relief is where we excel. Not only did we expertly apply Carbon Armor to stabilize and strengthen the compromised walls ;as demonstrated in the after photo but we also took comprehensive measures to protect the home's basement from further damage. By installing a Cleanspace barrier alongside a Waterguard system, we've ensured full protection against moisture, giving the homeowner peace of mind and a dependable foundation for years to come. Our commitment extends beyond mere repair; it's about reassurance, restoration, and providing long-lasting solutions.

Smart jack installation in Crawlspace, Frederick, MD.

The client expressed apprehensions regarding the visibly sagging joists situated above the oil tank within their crawlspace. In response to this structural concern, our team professionally installed a pair of SmartJacks. These high-capacity, adjustable steel piers are specifically designed to provide robust support to compromised joists, effectively addressing the issue at hand and ensuring structural integrity.


Bowing Walls in Alexandria, VA

>In this Alexandria, VA home, we encountered troubling bowing walls and unwanted water intrusion, clearly seen in the before photo. To tackle this, we skillfully installed our magisterial combination of Carbon Armor for wall reinforcement and introduced the WaterGuard and CleanSpace systems, ensuring a perfectly dry basement. As the after photo proudly displays, these enhancements not only resolved the critical issues but also equipped the home with enduring protection. Experience this homeowner's journey from distress to bliss with our dedicated intervention.

Crawlspace and floor support in Alexandria, Virginia

At our recent job in Alexandria, Virginia, we worked with a customer who was concerned about multiple issues in their home.

The fowl smell, water intrusion in their crawlspace, and cold bouncing floors were all serious problems that we knew we could help with.


Our team quickly got to work, installing a full waterproofing system in the crawlspace that included silver glow, drainage matting, and Clean space. To support the sagging floors, we installed new joists and Smart Jacks. Our crawlspace encapsulation and foundation repair left the customer with newfound peace of mind and a home that was more comfortable and secure than ever before.

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