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Foundation Repair Before & After Photos

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Crawlspace Smartjacks in Chantilly, VA

Bowing Walls in Round Hill, VA

Recently, we tackled a challenging yet rewarding job in Round Hill, VA. A homeowner reached out to us, troubled by bowing walls in their basement. This is a classic sign of foundational issues that can escalate if not timely addressed, risking both property integrity and safety. Understanding the urgency, our Customer Care team promptly arranged for an inspection. Our System Design Specialist visited the home to thoroughly assess the situation. True to our discovery, the basement's structural integrity was compromised, needing immediate attention. Our recommended solution? Installing Carbon Armor technology — a proven approach embodying both strength and flexibility to reinforce and stabilize foundation walls. Despite the homeowner's initial anxiousness about the state of their basements, our team's efficient and straightforward communication of the process and expected outcome reassured them. Our foreman and installers, possessing deep expertise and armed with the right equipment, arrived on scene, prepared to restore safety and peace of mind to the home. The installation of Carbon Armor involved carefully affixing strong, carbon fiber straps to the endangered walls. These straps are designed to halt further movement and provide much-needed stability. After the installation, the transformation was remarkable. Not only were the walls secured, but the homeowner could feel a renewed sense of safety and trust in their home’s foundations. This project in Round Hill stands as a testament to our commitment to providing homeowners with reliable, lasting solutions and a customer experience that's hard to forget. In facing foundational woes, we firmly believe in easing homeowners' worries with professional, empathic assistance and high-quality repairs preserved for years to come.

Wall Failure in Gaithersburg, MD

Facing imminent wall failure in their laundry room, a homeowner in Gaithersburg, MD, was in desperate need of a sturdy solution. Notice in the 'before' photo the glaring signs of distress and danger to their home's integrity. Enter our team with the GeoLock Channel Anchor system, ready to brace and secure. The 'after' photo speaks volumes: a seamlessly reinforced wall standing sturdy against time and elements, exemplifying our dedication to reliable, long-lasting foundation repair solutions

CarbonArmor Wall Support in Fairfax, VA

Before and after the addition of CarbonArmor to stabilize this customer's bowing basement walls. 

Floor Joist replacement in Clifton, VA

Customer was worried about the kitchen floor above the basement because it was bowing. NV solved the problem by installing a new floor joist. 

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