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Foundation Repair Before & After Photos

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Channel Anchors in Stafford, VA

A homeowner has recently acquired new Channel Anchors as a solution for the bowing issues in his basement's foundation walls. These specialized wall anchors have been designed to provide stabilization and repair for shearing basement walls, offering a proven and reliable method to counteract structural issues caused by bowing or tilting.

Bowing Walls in Elkwood, VA

The customer expressed a high degree of concern regarding a horizontal crack that had formed in the basement foundation walls of their home. This issue is understandably alarming, as the structural integrity of the entire house relies on the foundation. It's an issue that can't be ignored or put off, as the potential consequences could be severe.


In response to this, we proposed and implemented a comprehensive solution for reinforcing the foundation. Our team installed a PowerBrace and Powerguard system. The PowerBrace system is designed to stabilize failing basement walls and can help to reverse the damage by straightening the wall over time. It's an ideal solution for when there is bowing, tipping, or bulging happening to the basement walls.


The Powerguard system, on the other hand, is specifically designed to protect the PowerBrace system against any form of corrosion. This ensures that the PowerBrace system will remain robust and durable for a long time, providing ongoing support to the foundation.




Foundation repair in Elkwood, VA

Example Post: As you can see in the before photo, this Omaha homeowner was facing a hazard with their uneven and sinking sidewalk and driveway, risking trips and falls. They turned to us for a solution and, through the power of our specialized products - PolyLevel, NexusPro, and SealantPro - we were able to not only eliminate the danger but also transform their concrete areas into safe, stable, and visually-appealing spaces. Notice in the after photo how we've meticulously lifted and leveled the slabs, sealed the joints and cracks to prevent further water damage, and protected the surfaces against future wear and tear. Now, their outdoor areas are not just safe for everyone but beautifully restored, all thanks to a day's work.

Foundation and Crawlspace repair in Brandywine, MD

The home's crawlspace foundation was starting to show signs of settling. To address this, we implemented a smart jack system and added a supplemental beam to provide additional support to the foundation.


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