3 Common Causes of Foundation Problems

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Most home- and property owners give little thought to the concrete and other materials that support their homes. Yet foundations deserve special attention and inspection, as their condition will determine the status and value of the structures resting on them. Indeed, numerous issues—stemming from soil movement, moisture, and natural events—can damage them and put your home at risk. So, keep an eye on your structure’s groundwork and contact foundation repair contractors if you spot signs of foundation problems.


You can rely on NV Waterproofing & Foundation Repair for all such issues. An Angi’s Super Service award-winning company and a chosen provider for Best Pick Reports for 10 years, our basement waterproofing, crawl space repair, and foundation repair services come with outstanding customer service. Indeed, we’ve built a reputation for honest work and top-notch products. For more information or to request a free estimate, call our office at 1-855-649-7594.


Here, we describe the common causes of foundation failure and the specific issues they create:


Soil Movement

Ironically, the most common causes of home foundation failures—soil settling and expansion—are not apparent to the naked eye. Although slight to our perception, the interactions between soil and moisture produce powerful movements capable of shifting metric tons.


For instance, drying dirt (such as clay) tends to shrink and settle. This process undermines the stability of structures, as their weight further compacts the dry soil. Minute ground shifts can cause foundations to crack and floors to sink. Alternatively, when contractors fail to ensure fill soil beneath a new structure is sufficiently settled, it will do so following project completion when it can damage the foundation.


Likewise, damp soil expands. When it does, it can push some structures out of alignment or allow them to sink (wet soil is less dense than dry, after all). The strains accompanying these shifts can ruin structural integrity and cause interior damage to a house.



foundation repair

Even outside the soil, moisture causes problems. Run-off plagues properties with poor drainage, creating significant hydrostatic pressure that pushes against foundation walls. It may also seep through cracks in the walls and floor, widening and worsening them. Folks who live in areas vulnerable to flooding and extreme seasonal shifts must combat such issues annually.


Moisture issues can also appear from within a home. Plumbing leaks—such as a burst pipe or sewage backup—may drain down to the basement and harm the foundation from within. Likewise, a plumbing leak beneath a home allows stagnant water to pool on the basement floor.


Natural Events

Beyond soil and moisture, other natural forces can spell trouble for your house’s foundation. Events outside your control may threaten your home’s integrity; for instance, the roots of an old tree may breach its foundations. While their effects are initially slight, they can cause the same issues as soil movement and hydrostatic pressure: cracks, leaks, loss of strength, etc.


Even climates that see negligible seasonal shifts may experience extreme storms and disasters from time to time. Speak with our foundation and waterproofing experts about shoring up your home’s support with foundational pier systems and crawl space support posts.


Outstanding Foundation Repair and Maintenance Available Now!

Although you can’t prevent soil and natural events from making an impact, you can ensure your home’s basis remains secure and resistant to such forces. Reach out to NV Waterproofing & Foundation Repair to learn about our options, including professional foundation repair services. Our team has worked since 1986 to protect homeowners’ greatest investment, delivering top-tier customer service and outstanding products. Check out some of our completed projects to see whether we can help you, then call 1-855-649-7594 to schedule an appointment!

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