5 Reasons Your Home May Need Foundation Repair

Foundation Repair Products

No home can stand without a strong foundation. Indeed, the best-performing foundations are those that, ironically, we never consider. Still, even the sturdiest materials undergo severe stress from moisture, extreme weather conditions, natural intrusions, and more. Homeowners stand to benefit from learning the signs and causes of foundation repair. Doing so will help them recognize when to call NV Waterproofing & Foundation Repair, whose professionals can install foundation repair products.


Since 1986, our team has provided permanent solutions for home foundation problems. Whether dealing with soil erosion, frost, hydrostatic pressure, or another issue, we can restore your home’s structural stability with cutting-edge products and professional expertise. Our customer service and workmanship have earned us numerous Angi’s Super Service awards in the past ten years. Call us at 1-855-649-7594 and get a free waterproofing project estimate today.


Below, we outline the symptoms and reasons for foundation cracks:

What Happens When Your Foundations Crack?

While cracks are among the most overt warning signs your foundation needs repairs, other indicators may appear inside your home as well. For instance, doors and windows may start “sticking” as their frames shift with the house’s structural degradation. Floors may also become uneven, sag, and— when walked on—feel “bouncy.” Drywall cracks and bowed foundation walls also frequently appear due to foundation damage.


Nevertheless, NV Waterproofing offers numerous foundation repair products to address these issues. Our helical and push pier systems address the concerns caused by soil settling and keep your foundations standing strong. We also offer the CarbonArmor® Wall Reinforcing System and PowerBrace™ Wall Repair System to prevent the collapse of foundation walls.

Reasons That Foundations Crack

1. Poor property drainage
Again, foundation damages arise from at least one of multiple causes. Perhaps the most common is a property’s lack of proper drainage and tendency for flooding. Given the soil dynamics in this area, almost every home has significant pressure from water in the soil, particularly during wet seasons. Even homes on a positive grade, which causes water to flow away from the structure, may struggle with moisture.

Yet homes on a negative grade—located where moisture can easily flow toward the house—tend to experience more water pressure than average. The negative grade allows moisture to collect around foundations every time a storm strikes or snow melts. This issue compounds if your property lacks capable drainage, as the water can soak into the ground, create hydrostatic pressure, and seep through the foundations.

Alongside natural forces, man-made sources of water can create issues. A leaking above- or in-ground pool can oversaturate a yard. Additionally, plumbing components—a water line, sewer pipe, or septic tank—can develop leaks. Seek frequent plumbing inspections to prevent foundation damage.


2. Changing seasons
The mid-Atlantic’s seasonal dynamics produce a great deal of moisture and soil settlement, undermining structural stability. Our foundation pier systems and crawl space support jacks help combat the effects of settling soil.


3. Clay soil
Foundation Repair Products

Although all varieties of soil swell and settle, clay is notorious for its capabilities to do so. If your home sits on a layer of clay, speak to NV Waterproofing professionals about your options for home foundation protection.


4. Tree roots
Above ground, old-growth trees are a testament to nature’s beauty and grace. Below ground, however, their tree roots can wreak havoc on your home’s foundations. To avoid such issues, remove trees within 5 feet of your home and plant new ones further from your structure.


5. Improper remodeling or construction practices

Home foundations are only as strong as builders make them. If you’ve noticed foundation damage symptoms since you moved into your home, the cause may lie in their original design. Alternatively, if you recently completed a major remodeling project, foundation issues may have come from alterations to your home’s design.

Foundation Repair Products and Services Available Now!

Although several factors can contribute to home foundation problems, they all have causes and solutions. NV Waterproofing & Foundation Repair has the expertise and cutting-edge products to diagnose and solve those issues without interrupting your daily life. Indeed, our high-quality foundation repair products have helped us alleviate such problems since 1986. For more information on our waterproofing and foundation repair services, call us at 1-855-649-7594 today!

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