Signs That You Need a Crawl Space Dehumidifier

Crawlspace Dehumidifier 

Like most people, you probably spend as little time as possible in your home’s crawl space. But musty odors, saggy floors, and drywall cracks in your living space may emanate from issues coming from your crawl space. By neglecting proper precautions - including professional dehumidifier installation and waterproofing - you endanger the whole house’s structure. 

To avoid that scenario, or to prevent it from worsening, turn to NV Waterproofing & Foundation Repair. Moisture and humidity can cause extensive damage, but fortunately, our technicians are trained and certified in hindering them. We provide crawl space waterproofing, vapor barrier, and dehumidifier installation services

Below, we outline the indicators that your crawl space needs dehumidifier installation: 

Warning Signs When That Call for a Dehumidifier

  1. A strong, musty odor
    Although you may expect a visual clue to crop up first, your nose may discover the earliest warning. A strong and musty odor indicates a mold and mildew presence, both of which require moisture to survive. Once they enter a structure, mold and mildew can spread and worsen over time if not treated quickly.

    As the EPA notes, mold and mildew present significant dangers for the occupants of homes that they infest. Folks with asthma, allergies, or a respiratory condition face health risks. Mold can also cause asthma to develop in children.

  2. Moisture on the inside of your windows
    When moisture gathers on the inside of your windows, it is a sign that your home’s relative humidity has risen significantly. This situation can deteriorate as moisture continues to build up in the crawl space. Without room to circulate, moisture can only rise into your house to escape the crawl space.

    However, a dehumidifier counteracts high moisture levels by preventing condensation build-up. It draws warm air into its coils through a fan, then cools that air and removes the moisture. The dehumidifier then circulates that cooler, drier air back out.

  3. A clammy or “sticky” feeling inside your home
    Along with moisture, noticing humidity’s telltale clammy or “sticky” feeling also indicates the indoor level has risen. This can occur even with AC on - although cool air feels drier than warm, AC units function differently than dehumidifiers. Thus, they fail to dry the air and must work harder in a humid atmosphere.

    Installing a dehumidifier can decrease the strain on your AC unit. Nevertheless, you should still contact NV Waterproofing to inspect your crawl space. We can identify the source of the moisture: leaks, poor drainage, hydrostatic pressure, cracks in your foundation, and more.

  4. A creaking, sagging, or damaged structure
    High moisture levels do more than make a home feel uncomfortable - they make it look that way too. Moisture rots wood and so may cause your home’s structure to degrade. Cracks may appear in drywall, gaps can open between your floor and baseboard, and the floors themselves may sag.

    High moisture levels are a common problem. Thus, NV Waterproofing has well-tested solutions and experienced technicians to deal with them. That’s why former customers give us positive reviews for our work - we make their homes safe and comfortable again.

Choose A Professional Dehumidifier Installation For Your Home Today!

You need not spend much time in your home’s crawl space to determine if you have a humidity problem therein. Instead, keep an eye out for warning signs and call NV Waterproofing for professional dehumidifier installation services. Our team consists of expert technicians that always aim for outstanding customer service. Plus, when you hire us, you support our nonprofit partner Youth for Tomorrow Home for Girls, a local organization that supports at-risk children and families. 

Call us today at 1-855-649-7594 or fill out our online form to get a free estimate.

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