The Effects of Winter on Your Driveway

Wednesday, December 20th, 2017 by nvadmin

The Effects of Winter on Your Driveway - Image 1It is well known that weeds and rain storms in the spring can threaten to tear apart your driveway. But what about the winter months? Threats to your driveway come from every direction between all the ice, shoveling, and changes in temperature. Being aware of winter’s power on your driveway will enable you to take steps to prolong the life of your driveway. At NV Waterproofing, we know that Basement waterproofing in Northern VA starts with taking care of the external aspects of your home.



As the snow melts, the water makes its way into even the smallest cracks, only to freeze as temperatures drop. As water freezes it expands, making the cracks bigger. The process repeats each time the water refreezes. Improving water drainage from your driveway and sealing even the smallest cracks is the best way to prevent cracks from taking over your driveway.


Driveway Drainage

There may not be as much rain in the wintertime as during the warmer months, but as snow melts after a heavy snow fall it has the same effect as torrents of water flooding your driveway. Installing gutter drains away from your driveway can help reduce the effect of continuous water flow over your asphalt or concrete surfaces.

Another trick that is often overlooked is properly edging and creating a drainage border around your driveway to allow snow and rain water to easily flow off and away from your home. Fixing any Collapsing Retaining Walls will also stop both excess water and mud from overflowing into your driveway or basement.


Snow Shoveling

Snow is one of the main culprits in driveway damage. The constant scrape of the shovel is sure to cause some wear on the surface. Being gentle and keeping the shovel slightly above the surface will help prevent scrapes to the pavement. You can also use a plastic shovel, which is gentler on your driveway.

Avoid rock salt de-icers, as these will corrode the surface. Instead try using kitty litter, sand, or a de-icer with calcium chloride as the main ingredient. If hiring a snow removal company, don’t hesitate to ask them what precautions they will take to protect the surface of your driveway.

 These are just a few ways winter can affect your driveway along with some tips to keep those effects to a minimum. While wear and tear are sure to happen, simply keeping your driveway maintained, patched, and sealed will go a long way in improving your curb appeal and reducing the chance for costly repairs in the future.


Prepare for Winter with NV Waterproofing!

Too much snow in your driveway can find its way into your basement or saturate the soil around your home, affecting your Foundation Soil. Make sure your basement is waterproofed during the Northern VA winters.  We would be happy to discuss your driveway, wet yard or wet basement concerns.

Since 1986, NV Waterproofing has been providing expert basement waterproofing and foundation repair services to Northern Virginia, D.C., and Maryland. With a A+ rating by the BBB, and multiple years on Angie’s List Super Service Award, we can honestly say we are the premier choice in quality waterproofing and foundation repair in the Northern VA region.

Prepare for the Northern VA winter! Call us Today at (703) 690-3889!


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