The Dangers of a Cracked Foundation

Saturday, April 15th, 2017 by nvadmin

Your foundation has a huge job to do: it quite literally holds your house together. A foundation should always be intact and free of cracks to best ensure your home's structural integrity. Over time, however, some foundations begin to crack. This may happen for a variety of reasons: soil erosion, earthquakes, freezing temperatures, poor construction, and more.

Here are a few reasons why even the smallest foundation cracks can be a big problem:

Cracks Can Grow

You might dismiss a thin, hairline crack as no big deal, and decide to save the money you would spend patching it on something else. However, it can be dangerous to shrug off even the smallest crack, since all cracks can certainly get bigger. Most likely, the same thing that caused the crack in the first place can make it expand. Big, jagged cracks can cause your foundation to separate, which significantly compromises your home's structural integrity and can lead to very costly repairs.

Your Whole House Can Shift

Big, deep cracks in your foundation can make your foundation shift and move, which of course makes your entire house shift and move, too. A shifting house can make your doors and windows become unaligned with each other, which not only looks strange but can make them difficult to open. Your floors may also become uneven, making it hard or even dangerous to walk around your home.

Cracks Let in Termites

Foundation cracks give termites and other pests their own little passage ways into your home. Termites in particular are a nasty nuisance that eat away at your home's structure and can cause thousands of dollars in damage. They can squeeze through the tiniest spaces and find their way inside, where they may go unnoticed until significant damage has already been done.

Cracks are Unsightly

If the intimidating structural issues that can occur as a result of cracked foundation isn't bad enough, a cracked foundation isn't great to look at, either. Foundation cracks are usually jagged and spidery, and having many of them on your foundation takes away from your home's beauty. This can affect your home's curb appeal and your equity, which can put you at a disadvantage in the competitive housing market if you ever decide to sell.

NV Waterproofing Offers Foundation Crack Repair!

Don't let foundation cracks cause a home disaster. Contact a professional foundation repair expert to have it repaired as soon as possible. NV Waterproofing is proud to serve Northern Virginia, DC, and Maryland with structural solutions and crack repair. We know how to identify foundation cracks and fill them for a long-lasting fix. We understand the dangers of having a damaged foundation, and that's why we will work to get the problem resolved quickly and accurately, so you can be sure your foundation is in good hands.

Have a cracked foundation? Call us today at 1-855-649-7594!

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