Summer & Hurricane Rainstorms: Is Your Montgomery County Yard Protected?

Thursday, June 15th, 2017 by nvadmin

Flash flood warning, torrential rainfall, hurricane storms; while this may sound like daily news for a tropical island­, it's also common to hear these warnings during the summers of Montgomery County and the surrounding DMV area.

Even during mild rainfalls, soil erodes away and fertilizers are washed into our oceans, streams, and drinking water. Especially during the heavy summer rains, having proper drainage protects your community and planet. If after it rains you notice a soggy, muddy yard or puddles that last for days it may be time to look into a few of these expert recommended solutions:

  • Plant Protection – With each rainfall, soil and top mulch washes away. Covering the soil around your plants will keep your soil fresh and nutrient rich. As mulch deteriorates it will create air pockets making it easier for water to absorb into the ground.
  • Maintain Gutter System – Keeping gutters clear of debris will stop water from damaging the sides of your house. Adding spout extensions can help with directing water away from the house foundation to where it can be absorbed or drained properly.
  • Trenches & Drains – Creating trenches around garden beds can help control erosion and create a space for water to be slowly absorbed back into the soil for your plants. Installing French drains, dry wells, or rock creek beds can all help direct water to proper drainage solutions, keeping your yard dry and plants safe.
  • Topography - During gentle rain downpours, the slope of your yard might not be noticeable, but when the big rains come proper yard grading can be the difference between a dry, usable yard and a wet swamp drowning your plants' roots.
  • Rain Barrels & Cisterns - What better way to keep the water out of your yard than to save it in a big barrel? Save money on watering your plants while at the same time collect run-off water by installing a rain barrel system.
  • Permeable pavers - Whether building a new patio or walkway, installing a permeable paver will help reduce run-off and trap pollutants at the same time. The porous materials used in permeable paving allow water to flow through it to the ground beneath.

Working with the elements of nature will create a thriving dry landscape. While some puddles are unavoidable, taking proper precautions will keep soil damage and mosquitos to a minimum.

Keep your yard protected with our team of expert indoor and outdoor water protection. For over 30 years, NV Waterproofing has been the top choice in the Montgomery County, Northern Virginia, and surrounding areas for our innovative Wet Yard Solutions. Call us today at 1-855-649-7594 for a free inspection.

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