Meet the Team

Meet the Team

John Forster

NV Waterproofing & Foundation Repair

Title: CEO & General Manager
John Forster from NV Waterproofing & Foundation Repair

Unwavering dedication and expertise in the industry

John has been the esteemed primary owner of NV Waterproofing & Foundation Repair since 2004. Additionally, he holds ownership positions in two related companies, AllSite Contracting and Cor-Tuf UHPC (Ultra High-Performance Concrete), further establishing his influence and success in the field.

Outside of his professional endeavors, John finds solace and joy in his personal life. He resides in the beautiful region of Northern Virginia with his loving wife and three wonderful teenage daughters, adding an element of balance to his bustling career. As a family man, he cherishes the precious moments spent together and actively participates in their growth and development.

When it comes to leisure activities, John has a variety of interests that keep him engaged and fulfilled. Golfing is a passion and a source of relaxation, allowing him to unwind amidst the green fairways and tranquil surroundings. Tennis provides an outlet for his competitive spirit, engaging in friendly matches that test his skills and foster camaraderie.

Embracing the winter months, John eagerly takes to the slopes for exhilarating snow skiing adventures. Gliding down the powdery trails, he feels a sense of freedom and excitement that only this sport can provide. In warmer seasons, waterskiing becomes a favorite pastime. John embraces the thrill of gliding across the glistening water's surface, feeling the wind in his face and the adrenaline rush.

Beyond his interests, John remains committed to serving his community and making a positive impact. He continually strives to provide exceptional services and innovative solutions through his various business ventures. His dedication to excellence has earned him the respect and trust of clients and colleagues, solidifying his reputation as a leader within the industry.

John's vision and entrepreneurial spirit continue to drive his success in the ever-evolving world of waterproofing and foundation repair. Whether overseeing operations, forging strategic partnerships, or exploring new avenues for growth, he remains at the forefront of industry advancements, ensuring that his companies stay ahead of the curve.

As John intertwines his professional and personal pursuits, he inspires others, showcasing the possibilities that arise when passion, dedication, and a love for family and leisure activities intersect.

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