Wet Yard Solutions

NV Waterproofing offers yard and driveway drainage solutions that significantly reduce the chance of water-related issues by directing water away from your home with drains, erosion control and re-grading.

We turn wet, stinky spaces into dry, healthy basements and outdoor areas.


Improper or ineffective yard and driveway drainage can lead to extensive water damage inside your home. A soggy yard can also attract mosquitos and make outdoor activities uncomfortable.

Whatever the problem, NV Waterproofing has the solution.

Don’t wait for your garage or basement to flood -- or for mosquitos to attack. Look for these signs.

  • Standing water in your yard
  • Pooled water in your driveway
  • Flooded garage
  • Constantly wet, saturated lawn
  • More mosquitos than usual


NV Waterproofing delivers comprehensive yard and driveway drainage solutions to resolve your water issues once and for all.

Our team will excavate and install French drains – gravel-filled trenches containing perforated pipes – to redirect surface water and groundwater away from your home.
New window wells increase natural light and enhance the look and feel of your basement. Our team can replace your old window wells with new galvanized steel wells or fiberglass egress window wells with Plexiglas covers. We also provide interior and exterior window well drainage solutions to redirect water away from your basement.
Our team will install channel drains – perimeter ground drains that contain a dominant channel-shaped body. The drains will be connected to an exterior sump pump or gravity fed to daylight to rapidly transport surface water and groundwater away from your driveway, garage and home.
Our team will install downspout extensions below ground, to move water away from your home and prevent basement flooding.
Our team will install a surface water management system, retaining walls or terracing for effective erosion control that will preserve your lawn and eliminate water problems in your home.
Our team will add compact soil around the base of your foundation to redirect surface water away from your home and eliminate basement flooding.
We’ll remove and replace existing concrete work or create new concrete structures, including:

  • Driveways
  • Sidewalks
  • Front stoops
  • Porches
  • Patios
  • Garages and carport floors
  • Foundation walls
  • Stairwells

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