Ashburn, VA

Since 1986, NV Waterproofing’s team of experienced technicians has solved underlying water problems for thousands of homeowners. We turn wet, stinky spaces into dry, healthy basements.

NV Waterproofing delivers comprehensive wet basement solutions – including exterior waterproofing and interior water management systems – to resolve your home’s water problems once and for all.

Ashburn VA Basement Waterproofing - Signs

For any structure with foundation walls, there is a tremendous amount of water pressure against the walls, particularly during periods of significant rain or snow. The majority of the pressure is due to high moisture content in the soil, due to natural forces. Additional contributing factors may include poor surface water drainage, clogged French drains, broken sump pumps and high water tables. Also, most homes that are more than a few years old have a waterproofing system that has degraded or been compromised to some degree.  The combination of significant water pressure and suboptimal waterproofing systems often leads to wet basements.

Whatever the cause, NV Waterproofing has a solution.

Don’t wait until your basement floods. Look for these signs.

  • Musty smell
  • Water seepage where walls meet floors
  • Standing water or wet areas
  • Damp or discolored walls
  • Peeling, bubbling or cracking paint or wallpaper

Ashburn VA Basement Waterproofing - Solutions

NV Waterproofing offers interior water management and exterior waterproofing solutions for your basement water problems.

Ashburn VA Basement Waterproofing - Interior

Our team will remove a portion of concrete slab immediately next to the affected foundation walls. Then we’ll dig an interior trench in the treatment area. Next we’ll install a subfloor drainage system. This will evacuate water from below your basement walls and floors and move it away from your home through sloped, perforated piping connected to a sump pump or redirected to your home’s exterior.

Ashburn VA Basement Waterproofing - Exterior

Our team will excavate a trench around your foundation and clean the foundation wall thoroughly. Next we’ll repair or replace damaged cement parging and seal cracks, seams, holes, imperfections and subgrade pipes. Then we’ll apply liquid rubberized sealant to subgrade walls and install drain board paneling on treated walls. Last, we’ll install a drainage system that moves water away from your home through sloped, perforated piping connected to a sump pump or redirected to your home’s exterior so water can’t penetrate your home’s foundation walls.

Ashburn VA Basement Waterproofing - Sump Pumps

A powerful, reliable sump pump is crucial to most interior water management and exterior waterproofing solutions.

Sump pumps are submersible water pumps installed in a tank below your basement floor or in the ground just below your foundation wall. Sump pumps evacuate water collected in a tank or drywell to an exterior location through a discharge pipe.

NV Waterproofing installs primary sump pumps, backup sump pumps and battery backup systems to ensure that water is directed away from your home.